Why you should vote for Barack Obama (part II)

2008-02-20 14:05:23 by Achilles2


The video above is yet another reason why you should vote for Obama.

To summarize the video:

1) Obama plans to take the troops of out Iraq in the form of "1 or 2 Brigades per month", thus ensuring a withdrawl that won't make Iraq unstable.

2) Obama plans to talk to countries that United States does not like (Syria, Iran, etc.) in order to ensure peace in the region WITHOUT the US intervening. This is not only an intelligent policy for the stability of Iraq, but it is also an intelligent foreign policy in general. It'll also help ensure world peace without the United States playing world police (which is something that the world hates). According to him: "A strong President and a strong Nation are not afraid to talk to their adversaries".

While you're at it, visit Obama's website (link) and his YouTube Channel (link) for more information about his policies, to listen to his charismatic speeches, and to listen to him put his policies into words.

Remember: A patriot isn't someone who only says he loves the United States - a patriot is someone who leads his fellow man and nation into prosperity.

Obama '08

Why you should vote for Barack Obama (part II)


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2008-04-08 20:03:16

I voted for him once, and I fully intend to vote for him again.


2008-04-13 15:01:07

My life goal since I was 18. . . Never partake in presidential elections because I'm sure all the candidates are fucked up behind the scenes.


2008-04-24 00:47:53

His stance on NASA killed him in my eyes, not to mention the fact he's for affirmative action, which directly contradicts the whole point of it: To cause equality.