2008-06-12 18:22:25 by Achilles2




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2008-06-13 12:23:19

Huh? Canada can never take over the United States, we have too many black market deals and a shitload of nukes. What do they have? Maple Syrup.

Achilles2 responds:

There's this weird conspiracy theory that states that the governments of the US, Canada, and Mexico plan to merge together in a style similar to the European Union - same currency, same flag, etc. except this "North American Union" would be more organized. It would be a system like the United Kingdom - 3 different countries merged into 1.

Also, Canadians have hockey. Sure it looks peaceful, but that's where they release all their anger, eh.


2008-06-13 18:35:51

That sounds cool because than the US/Canadian bickering would end, but I'd still NEVER want to be a US citizen. Sorry, lol. But if it was a Canadian ruler it would be different. I like my HealthCare and Maple syrup. And there's literally NO ghettos in Canada. It's either farmland or huge cities.

Achilles2 responds:

Canada sounds like an A-OK place, but let's be honest - Japan can kick both country's butts in terms of coolness.



2008-06-13 22:24:18

Yeah but Japan aint got nothin on Hockey and Beer!
lol plus, check out my userpage man. I'm not asking it as a favor like most faggots do like "ZOMG! I commented on yours now u do mine!!" but it has something to do with America. Be warned though: If you're a redneck douchebag that takes everything seriously, DON'T FUCKING ENTER!! lol

Achilles2 responds:

OMFG GAWD BLESS 'MERICA. I can't believe you just dissed the greatest country on Earth.

...No, I'm just kidding.


2008-06-13 22:49:22

lol I appreciate a man with a little sense of humour. Us and you Americans anre STILL fucking bickering over the original.

American that takes things too seriously: Yeah, fuck Canada!
Canadian pussy that takes things too seriously: Hey! That hurt my feelings! Imma go make a big case on Comedy Central for that!!!11!11!!!1
American that takes things too seriously: HA! What a puss! I think we should wage war on Canada because of this song!
American that takes things too seriously#2: Hellz yeah brother!
American that takes things too seriously: WOOHOO! H4X00RZ TO T3H MAX00RS!!
Canadian that takes things too seriously: Hey! WE have t3h skillage in t3h villag3!!1!!1
American that takes things too seriously: We dont like yer kind round here....

*the list goes on and on and on....