2008-05-31 18:17:38 by Achilles2

FUCKIN A! I hate that goddamn term.

I'm not from that goddamn continent. At all. I am a Jamaican Carib...from the Caribbean. They were brown-skinned people too. I'm also Jewish, white, and Native American. BUT I AM NOT AFRICAN.

Jesus H. Christ. Get it right. Damn.



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2008-05-31 21:03:48

Yeah, like I'm Eurasian even though I'm not technically from Europe or Asia.


2008-06-01 12:11:35

crazy grandpa

Achilles2 responds:

My Great-grand-mother was Jewish, and my grandmother was Native American.

I've actually never heard of a Native American and Jewish person getting together. It sucks, I can't make fun of Jews like I used to. Nah, j/k, I never made fun of them while being serious


2008-06-02 15:57:05

Political correctness is just silly, really. They reckon that (as you've pretty much stated there) that the term 'black' is not allowed to be used anymore. Then they also fuck everything else up like the term 'brainstorm' cannot be used as epileptics may find it offensive. I'm epileptic and I prefer that term than to mind-map.

Then you have PC regulations going after 'man-holes' as that term may just be sexist. Pathetic, really as I know loads of women who use that term, too.

Then you've got the whole sheep nursery rhyme. Ever heard 'Baa, baa, black sheep'? They thought it was racist so they changed it to 'Rainbow sheep' which they also thought was offensive to homosexuals so in the end, they just changed it to 'sheep'.

Political correctness is stupid as it just causes more problems and nobody actually gives a damn.

Achilles2 responds:

I regret saying anything bad to you. That was one of the most intelligent things I've read on Newgrounds by a non-mod. Good job.